The ArtIST
"My works do not illustrate any specific idea or story. My goal is to create an image that can be interpreted in multiple ways. Through the years, developing my style, I have been aiming at cutting off the unnecessary and reaching a concentrated emotion"

Oleg Khvostov uses themes from traditional painting genres – landscapes, still-lifes, portraits, multi-figured compositions – but also includes numerous "remakes" of world-famous works of art, from Leonardo to Jeff Koons. Nonetheless, his characteristic method of consciously simplifying form, freeing it from excess detail, and giving underscored roundness and cylindricity to shapes, in conjunction with his bold colors and large canvases, make his artistic manner original and easily identifiable. His use of a vivid, contrastive color palette and his deliberate simplicity imbue the artist's works with the decorative effect and irony of pop art.

  • Seductive Roundnesses – Navicula Artis Gallery, St. Petersburg, 2018
  • Elastic World – Art Dynasty Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland, 2016
  • Cosmos Cows – Gridchinhall, Moscow Region, ART4 Museum, Moscow, 2015
  • LavAndos – Cultural Alliance Gallery (Marat Guelman Gallery, Vinzavod), Moscow, 2014
  • Lust - AL Gallery, St. Petersburg, 2013
  • Absolute Painting - Gridchinhall, Moscow Region, 2010
  • Landscape Instinct - National Centre for Contemporary Arts, St. Petersburg, 2010
  • Oleg Khvostov Painting - Asa-Art Gallery of Arts, St. Petersburg, 2007
  • I was born with love for art - Navicula Artis Gallery, St. Petersburg, 2004
  • A Portrait: the making of - Mitky Art Centre, St. Petersburg, 2004
  • 3000 Self-portraits - Borey Gallery, St. Petersburg, 2003
  • The New Leniniana – Razliv Museum, St. Petersburg, 2001-2002, 2016
  • 1000 Self-Portraits - Mitky Art Centre, St. Petersburg, 2001
  • Leader's Memorial - Pushkinskaya 10 Art Centre, St. Petersburg, 2000
  • Full-length Painting - Pushkinskaya 10 Art Centre, St. Petersburg, 2000
  • Self-Portraits - 200+1 - Navicula Artis Gallery, St. Petersburg, 1999
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